2012 Great American Clean Up on Edisto Island, SC
Great American Clean Up

17 bags of trash from the paved portion of Steamboat Landing Road
17 bags of trash collected along 1 mile of Steamboat Landing Road
Volunteers scoured the island's roads picking up litter.
Volunteers fanned out to scour the back roads of Edisto, so beautiful you wonder why anyone would throw trash along them...
25 bags from Cypress Bottom Road, one of the shortest roads on Edisto.
Cypress Bottom Road, one of Edisto's shortest, yeiled 25 bags. These members of the Edisto Is. Presbyterian Church came along and took them to the recycling center for us.
Three of our great volunteers prior to the cleanup. The 2012 Board of Edisto Pride which organizes the Great American Clean Up onEdisto.
(above) The 2012 Board of Edisto Pride which organizes the GAC on Edisto. IdaTipton, Executive Director, holds the President's Award from Keep America Beautiful.
Cleaning up a natural cathedral.
Bill Andrews one of our regular volunteers picking up litter. Edisto has a lot of roads, sometimes you have to find a faster way to cover territory!
It couldn't happen without great volunteers willing to take their time on a beautiful spring day to clean up other people's trash. Why do they do it? They love their community and their island.
Francine Morrison, an Edisto Pride Board Member, picks up Legare Road near her home.
  Signing in for the Great Amerircan Clean Up. (left) Signing in for the great American Clean Up. Want to help? Contact us!

Special thanks to our sponsors who provide the tools we need to make this happen:

Nestle Pure Life Water
Nestle Pure Life Water

Glad Garbage Bags
Glad Trash Bags

Piggly Wiggly of Edisto Beach
Piggly Wiggly of Edisto Beach

The Edisto Island Community Association
Sign provided by the Edisto Island Community Association

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