2013 Great American Clean Up
Once again a tremendous success thanks to the efforts of
volunteers across the island.

some of the trash picked upSome of the trash removed
from Edisto by
our dedicated volunteers.

The Lions Club Environmental Committee



the Edisto Island Lions Club


Environmental Committee & Friends: David Blauch, John Anderson, Sam Lybrand, Henry Tindal, Larry McGowan, Diane Fleming , John Kirven, Sue Fisher, John Fisher, Bob Newton, Don McCormick
turned out to help clean up parts of Edisto Beach.


Just a few
of our 42 volunteers  who picked up & hauled away  67 - 30 gallon bags of litter plus piece of car metal from engine, tire trend, wire, 10 ft. 3" steel pipe, roof shingles & wood debris Some of our volunteers

the Edisto Pride Board of Directors
The Board of
Edisto Pride continues to work to keep Edisto clean and green.



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