2009 Beach Sweep/River Sweep
had tremendous participation. The Wyndham Green Team took "the Point", dozens of volunteers
worked the beach, kayak teams swept creeks and marshes, a special clean up was held at Botany Bay
Wildlife Management Area and everyone had a great lunch
at the State Park as we welcomed a new sponsor... Walterboro Wal Mart.

Beach/river sweep

is our second major clean up effort each year. Working with the SC Department of Natural Resources we go by boat and kayak into our creeks and marshes and by foot along our beaches. While tons of trash are collected we believe the more important goal for these efforts is educational. We feel the involvement creates a sense of civic pride. You never quite look at litter the same way after you've cleaned up a dozen garbage bags of it!

For more information about beach and river sweep visit SC DNR's web site:

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

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