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1st place winner Jesse Haydel, Jane Edwards Elementary School

Riley Davis won second place, she attends the Edisto Beach School

This year's first place winner (left) was Jesse Haydel of Jane Edwards Elementary School

Second place went to
Riley Davis
of the
Edisto Beach School. (right)




On Jesse's left is Carroll Belser, Chairman of the
t shirt contest. Immediately behind him is Ms Susan
Miles, Principal of Jane Edwards Elementary School.

Melissa Whaley took third place for the Edisto Beach School Christopher Garcia Venegas won fourth place. Christopher goes to Jane Edwards Community School.
Melissa Whaley from the Edisto Beach School won third place.
Christopher Garcia Venegas of Jane Edwards Elementary School won fourth place.
Jane Edwards had 39 entries this year
(above) Jane Edwards Elementary School had 39 entries this year.
Edisto Beach had 26 entries this year.
The Edisto Beach Elementary School had 26 entries this year. (above)

2011 Edisto Pride T Shirt Contest

"engaging individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments"



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